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Solar PV

As well as a heating & plumbing company, Connect Heating are distributers of roof hooks for PV panels in the UK and Europe.


We can potentially save you between 30% and 40% on the cost of what you're currently paying for roof hooks. Companies across the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have already benefitted from our service.


If you provide us with your requirements and/ or design specification we can offer you free no obligation quote. We are confident you will see for yourself a significant saving can be made.


We will only use high quality materials and/ or materials specified by your design. We can produce sample hooks and modify your existing hooks upon request.


  • Potential 30% - 40% saving on existing costs
  • Free quotation using your design requirements
  • Complete roof hooks, clamps and rails packages provided
  • Modifications to existing hooks undertaken
A few examples of the many types of products we produce:
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